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MAYCAN car wash

Prize(s) Winners in Industrial Building Lighting Design
Company Maraba Studio
Lead Designers Paula Martínez Abad
Other Designer's names Cristina Martínez Abad
Client Mayorista Canarias S.L.
Photo Credits Bruto Estudio
Other Credits Design: Maraba Studio
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
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Entry Description

A car wash workshop,nestled in a nondescript industrial park on Lanzarote,has undergone a remarkable transformation.Despite the island's color restrictions,vibrant luminaires have been ingeniously employed,infusing the space with warmth and character.The exterior of the workshop has been artfully illuminated with linear LED fixtures,meticulously placed to grace the entrances and key service areas.This exterior transformation not only welcomes visitors but also sets the tone for the entire experience.As you step inside,the transformation continues.The cafeteria and relaxation area have been thoughtfully adorned with pulley-shaped luminaires.These fixtures not only provide ample illumination but also contribute to a unique ambiance that enhances the overall patron experience. Here,the interplay of light and shadow seamlessly weaves together,creating a space that is both visually inviting and functional.In the workspace,every detail has been considered to optimize productivity and enhance visual comfort.Neutral lighting has been meticulously integrated to create an environment where the workforce can focus with ease.Every corner of the space is bathed in perfect illumination,ensuring a high level of comfort for all employees.This lighting design goes beyond mere functionality.It takes what was once an ordinary car wash workshop and transforms it into a beacon of color and identity
Sustainability Approach

In the pursuit of a sustainable vision, MAYCAN's lighting design project distinguishes itself by taking a bold step towards combating light pollution and preserving its facade's integrity.

Notably, the parking area dispenses with traditional street lamps, a conscious choice to prevent light pollution and avoid distorting the workshop's exterior image. Instead, linear LED fixtures thoughtfully illuminate the perimetral fence. This ingenious approach not only minimizes light spill but also showcases the project's commitment to sustainable practices.
Company Description

MARABA is an independent lighting design studio, working worldwide, where light comes to life.

Its innovative and creative approach allows the beauty of each project to be enhanced, creating comfortable, captivating and functional atmospheres. They offer custom solutions that highlight shape, texture and detail, providing a unique and transformative visual experience. Furthermore, their experience in the use of sustainable and efficient technologies allows them to develop designs that reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact, respecting the natural environment.