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Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting Design
Company I-DEA Srl
Lead Designers Lorenza Golinelli
Other Designer's names Alberto Ricci Petitoni, Anna Pentella
Client Municipality of Piacenza
Photo Credits Oscar Ferrari
Other Credits Inside (Executing company)
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location Sala dei Teatini, Piacenza (PC), Italy
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Entry Description

The Sala dei Teatini, formerly the Church of San Vincenzo, is now a modern auditorium and rehearsal hall for the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra, headed by Maestro Riccardo Muti.
Illuminating this hall equates to illuminating art, music and culture. The project therefore combines architectural, stage and functional lighting.
The architectural lighting enhances the eighteenth-century space, its architecture and frescoes, creating lighting environments that serve as a frame for every event and performance. Conversely, the functional, flexible stage lighting makes it possible to meet the wide range of requirements of each staging and its director.
All of the new lighting is dynamic full LED, for divergent perceptions of the space depending on the event. The system can be managed remotely via an app.
The architectural light sources operate at a colour temperature of 3000K and at a high colour rendering index (over 90), to enhance and restore an authentic chromatic variation to the materials and frescoes.
Finally, great care was taken during installation, to ensure the architectural lighting is as unobtrusive as possible.
The design was implemented in conjunction with the Municipality of Piacenza, the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Parma and Piacenza and the Fondazione Teatri Piacenza.
Sustainability Approach

The entire new interior lighting system at the Sala dei Teatini in Piacenza is full LED.
In all, the 255 existing light fixtures were replaced with 228 new luminaires, equipped with the latest generation of LED sources, which can result in significant energy savings even when emitting the same luminous flux.
Despite the lower number of projectors and their reduced wattage, the new lighting provides more light output, greater control of lighting effects on stage, and improved visual comfort and glare.
As a result, the Sala dei Teatini achieved an annual energy saving of 78.3%, corresponding to 3.36 tonnes of CO? not emitted into the atmosphere per year, and a saving of 2.57 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) per year compared to the previous installation.
Company Description

I-DEA is an italian lighting design Studio. Since 2007 I-DEA has illuminated cities, stadiums, places of art, monuments and museums and has worked for over 280 Italian municipalities. Today the Studio has over 20 professionals, architects and engineers.
The Studio deals with lighting design but also with architecture, works management, lighting fixtures design, energy saving consultancy, lighting engineering testing and light planning.
Each I-DEA project embodies research, artistic sensitivity, technical rigor and timeless aesthetics.