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The Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros (NARC)

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting Design
Company Belzner Holmes Light Design
Lead Designers Stephanie Schuster
Other Designer's names Exhibition and Graphic Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER Media: EDIGMA Photography Giovanni Emilio Galanello
Photo Credits ©ATELIER-BRUECKNER_Giovanni-Emilio-Galanello
Completion Date autumn 2021
Project Location R. dos Correeiros 9, 1100-061 Lisboa, Portugal
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Entry Description

The exhibition space works for big parts without daylight. To balance the impacts of reduced daylight as the natural light source to make the archaeological space visible, the whole site has been discreetly filled with cool light, lengthening the impression of daylight flooding the basement. It works as a basic brightness to be able to read the space and be able to walk safely throughout the space. The cool lighting got integrated as linear wall-washers behind black glass panels along the outer walls and as diffuse light lines below the bridges. Throughout the space these fixtures are well integrated not visible to achieve the effect of a cool dim mysterious atmosphere. The integrated lights get complemented with cool ceiling flood lights that fill into the underground topography.
The challenge was to find a way to show the objects and let them stand out from the rest of the stones and sand surrounding them. The cool overall lighting builds the neutral canvas to work on. It creates an abstract space, as it does not reflect perfectly the warm sand and stone colors.
Highly contrasting warm ceiling spotlights highlight the various archaeological situations and layers.
The artefacts of the different times neighboring and overlapping in the cave of NARC had to be carefully sorted by focusing the relevant parts with contrasting light colors and directions.
Sustainability Approach

Sustainable lighting at Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros (NARC) combines LED fixtures for energy efficiency and smart controls to minimize energy consumption. Eco-friendly materials and maintenance practices further reduce its environmental impact while accentuating historical features, creating an immersive visitor experience.
Company Description

For almost 30 years the company has been consulting and creating lighting projects in fields of architecture, urban planning, stage and exhibition design at home in Germany as well as overseas. We look after private and public buildings of all kinds, renowned museums, themed and special exhibitions, theatres, events, stage technology, churches and other sacred buildings. Our office is also dedicated to urban lighting projects of various sizes such as parks, squares, bridges and urban light master plans.