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Guangming Dongtan Yuan

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting Design
Company Tongji Architectural Design Group Co . , Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Xiu
Other Designer's names Zhang Ming, Gu Xinghua, Bian Chen, Wu Yang, Liu Yu, Ge Wenjing, Cai Rong, Zhang Zi, Xiao Lei, Pan Si
Photo Credits ZYARCH Photographer
Completion Date 10/2021
Project Location Shanghai, China
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Entry Description

Guangming Dongtan Yuan project is transformed from a former weaving factory of Guangming Qianshao Farm to a launch area for Guangming International Food and Agricultural Science Innovation Centre.

Lighting design takes ecology and subjective feelings into consideration. The use of 2700K warm color luminaires in landscape lighting reduces the sense of strangeness and shapes the lighting environment with a memory of the farm, or in other words, lighting design tries to recreate the spiritual symbols.

Lighting design uses 2700K linear luminaires, installed continuously along the building facade, to illuminate the complete and integrated form of the building façade, while the light emphasizes the structure of the lifted edges of the construction. The luminaires were under rigorous tests to make sure of good visual comfort by minimizing glaring when people pass through. DMX512 control system is used to achieve changes in the light and darkness of the building façade to meet daily energy saving requirements, while the scene change mode can be preset to meet the operational requirements of the project.

The exhibition center uses 2700K color temperature luminaires to represent the warm wooden texture of the construction. Scattered points of light on the ground are randomly combined in a free form to illuminate the waving roofs upwards.