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Inspire Pilates

Prize(s) Winners in Healthcare Lighting Design
Company ambience
Lead Designers Sharlene Jayawardena
Other Designer's names David Justice, Wendy Bergman
Client Inspire Pilates
Photo Credits Nicole Reed
Other Credits Bergman & Co
Completion Date June 2023
Project Location Melbourne, Australia.
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Entry Description

Much like Pilates itself, the lighting for Inspire is an exercise in alignment and flexibility. In a fascinating marriage of design, psychology, health, wellness, emotion and human response, we performed numerous light level experiments and consulted with field experts to perfect tunable white lighting scenes for prenatal class, workshops, health, strength classes and even cheeky drinks after dark.

Natural light works hand-in-hand with the artificial lighting throughout the space and in some places, luminaires work to mimic the natural light. None more striking than the hallmark of the space, the mesmerising stretched fabric colour-changing false skylight. It features a rigorously developed light source that evenly peters off, in an arresting gradient derived from how one envisages the sun. Showcased in the main studio is the uplight indirect linear pendants. These luminaires are sublime in their elegance and simplicity of design. They were selected and engineered to give illumination the freedom to bounce from the ceiling and meander throughout, so clientele are not staring up directly into cumbersome light while on the machines.

An incredibly stylish Pilates studio, a refuge, a sanctuary, a health retreat, a space for friends old and new. Inspire Pilates is a lot of things to a lot of people, and lighting is critical to that experience.