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Prize(s) Winners in Fashion Design Lighting
Company Guangzhou Lam Lighting Company
Lead Designers Li Na Guo
Entry Description

Project Background
COSMO is a shopping mall renovation project.

Project Inspiration
The Japanese architect Arata Isozaki has a famous argument about cities, "The future of cities is ruins." Ruins are the intention to break through and innovate. Our lighting design team transformed "waste" into "rebirth" through lighting, reshaping the vitality of "waste space"!

INNERCO is COSMO's largest highlight space, occupying a total of 7,600m² on the second and third floors.The area retains the exposed concrete building structure, incorporates modern design elements, and combines with the LED colorful canopy to create a sense of historic and futuristic collision.

Project Detail
INNERCO is a social space that incorporates exhibitions, shows, fairs, flash MOBS and other experiential Settings and functions. We used DALI and DMX512 dimming system to enhance the adaptability of different needs of the space and the interest and interaction, creating an open commercial space of "nightclub" + show, and also allowing the business in the space to grow freely.

INNERCO breaks away from the clear zoning of a traditional commercial complex, blending various formats and public areas while adding installations and props for flexible division.