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Nagnata Flagship

Prize(s) Winners in Fashion Design Lighting
Company ambience
Lead Designers David Justice, Josh Cain
Other Designer's names Pattern Studio
Client Nagnata
Photo Credits Tom Ross, Claudia Smith
Completion Date December 2022
Project Location Byron Bay
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Entry Description

Cult fashion label Nagata's Flagship features a rebellious retail lighting design that mimics and celebrates the brand’s unapologetic refusal to conform. Illumination is pivotal to both the space and the brand experience, helping to communicate the label’s vivaciousness and to make Nagata an awe-inspiring experience. When visiting the space no two moments are the same. On one visit a designed scene simulating sunrise with an earthy palette, the next, metamorphosing to a futuristically electrifying and energetic space. The entire store is Bluetooth controlled and lighting across the entire location integrates with programmed scenes, including the complexity of finely-detailed illuminated gradients permeating from window display to fitting rooms. Of equal importance, was to make product the hero. Track spots provide an intricately delicate gallery-like focus and empower the products with a sophisticated and optimised singling-out. A procession of RGB WW linear luminaires work hand-in-hand with various other RGB WW sources that are thoughtfully concealed within the environment to soak the entire store in a wash of coloured light. This was painstakingly created so visitors are never quite sure where the colour is coming from, as if we have painted the entire location using light. Light is the spatial protagonist, bravely taking illumination to an exciting frontier.
Sustainability Approach

Saving energy and minimisation consumption was a pillar of our strategy. Only recycled and recyclable packaging with no plastic and digital install guides were used. The track lights features recycled lighting waste as part of the production process and all linear fittings were locally made. The control system is completely wireless which has resulted in massive savings in terms of the resources that go into production, distribution selection, installation & maintenance of cables. Fittings can be pre-set to pre-determined hours & dimming levels so that the lights are not on when they are not needed & the brightness can also be adjusted. One of the unsung hero implementations of the innovative strategy is that lighting scenes can be controlled/tweaked from any location globally so there is no need to fly technicians to site for any changes, which saves hugely on emissions.