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NAMELAZZ boutique

Prize(s) Winners in Fashion Design Lighting
Company THE VIEW lighting design bureau
Lead Designers Valery Gorelova
Other Designer's names Kristina Lyubovetskaya
Photo Credits Vasiliy Bulanov
Other Credits Architecture: Prostranstvo
Completion Date June 2023
Project Location Moscow
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Entry Description

The Russian fashion brand Namelazz boutique is located on the first floor of a neoclassical building. High ceilings, large arched windows and openings between the halls became a space feature.
The founders of the brand are inspired by high Italian and French fashion. The room itself is reminiscent of Italian palazzo.

The lighting has to create the most aesthetic and atmospheric space. It was important not only to highlight elegant clothes but also to emphasize the unique architecture. Nuanced lighting and low brightness allow you to see things well, and at the same time provide relaxation and comfort. Rays sliding along the walls touch clothing or appear behind it in order to show the viewer where to go or look. Against this backdrop, the shadows in the arches reveal an architectural change of form. All architectural volumes are read in contrast between the halls.
Glass showcases were carefully highlighted with light. The unique positioning of lighting fittings helped to avoid shadows and uncomfortable reflection. Specially designed furniture and decor also was touched with light to enhance the atmosphere.
Lighting on shelves, mirrors and chandeliers were under the lighting designer's control.

Functional areas are as bright as possible and are lit fairly evenly so that employees and customers feel as comfortable and free as possible in them.
Company Description

Collaboration of lighting designers from different countries for the purpose to create the new lighting image of the cities all around the world.