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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Nipek
Lead Designers Shigeki Fujii
Other Designer's names Natsuko Ueda, Takahisa Yamaguchi, Weldy Chia, Sanny Yuwono, Li Ying Chai
Client CapitaLand Development, CapitalLand Integrated Trust and Mitsubishi Estate
Photo Credits Raphael Oliver, Fabian Ong
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Singapore
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Entry Description

CapitaSpring is a mixed-use commercial building, one of the tallest buildings in Singapore at 280 meters. The greenery embedded in the building is emphasized, and the lighting fixtures and light colors are carefully selected to bring the greenery into play. On the building fa├žade, the featured green pockets are highlighted by mixing 4000K white with pastel green colored lighting, making it stand out at night. The social space is designed to seamlessly connect with the surrounding landscape by projecting patterns of light and shadow from the trees, giving the office building a relaxing atmosphere at night.
Sustainability Approach

CapitaSpring has earned one of the highest green building ratings in Singapore, and the lighting reduces overall lighting power consumption while achieving the nighttime appearance expected by the architect and client. In addition to reducing the number of luminaires and their power consumption, the contrasting lighting design clearly defined areas and elements should be illuminated and should not to be illuminated, creating a visual hierarchy at night.
Company Description

Nipek is a specialized lighting design studio with offices in Singapore and Sapporo focusing on high-profile projects in the three main fields, Architecture+Environment, Hospitality, and Art.
Creativity and attention to detail are the key strengths of the studio, and its elegant and timeless lighting design works achieved by their sensitive approach to light and darkness have been appreciated by the top property developers, designers, and architects from across the globe.