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Hengqin iCity, China

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Lead Designers Rebecca Wong
Other Designer's names Barry Mok
Client iCity (Hengqin) Project Development Co., Ltd.
Entry Description

iCity comprises 4 high-rise towers and a landmark building – the Animation World. The lighting design strategy is to emphasize the Iconic “Animation World” at the centre of the site, which provides extensive space for cultural events and multimedia exhibits. It symbolizes the main stage of the whole development, surrounded by 4 high-rise towers as the backdrop.

Inspired by the tranquillity of the galaxy, color-changing LED dot lights are applied to the “Animation World” to simulate the mysterious and intriguing visual effect of the Milky Way. Light fixtures are concealed at the joints of the triangular aluminium panels on the building façade, using color and contrast to strengthen the polyhedral features of the architecture while minimizing the visual impact on the façade during the day. Another architectural feature is the irregular long cutouts at both ends of the building, like the windows of a spaceship sailing in the galaxy. Colored LED linear lights outline the shape and serve as a finishing touch to enrich the overall lighting effect.

Scattered light boxes are added to the high-rise towers at the backdrop to symbolize the stage lighting casting light from different directions onto the animation world which is the main character to perform and shine on the stage, altogether crafting iCity to become the focal of the city no matter being viewed at a distance or up close