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Fulong Heart Resort All Black Facade Lighting Design

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Poetry Design Studio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Yun Huiqian Sun Xuelian Jiang
Other Designer's names Boyi Shi
Entry Description

Bamboo weaving is a profound intangible cultural heritage of Zhangzhou City, with a rich historical and cultural background, and it serves as an inspiration for architectural design. By using the subtle silhouette effect, lighting fixtures are installed inside the architectural structure, allowing light to shine through the lattice, creating a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere. This approach not only integrates the entire project into the natural environment but also highlights the architectural features.
The lighting design follows the concept of "Confucian Zen living and bamboo weaving construction," aiming for a restrained and delicate effect. By choosing to install lighting fixtures inside the architectural lattice, soft and multi-level light and shadow penetrate through the lattice, creating a visual image reminiscent of bamboo lanterns. This design shapes the lighting experience with a guiding, welcoming, and cozy atmosphere. The final lighting effect not only attracts attention but also seamlessly blends into the surrounding mountains, creating a serene and dim natural environment.
Sustainability Approach

The quality of lighting fixtures and control modes is crucial for ensuring the quality of the lighting effect. When selecting products, it is important to precisely control factors such as the power and angle of the fixtures. While ensuring the desired effect, efforts should be made to minimize the use of fixtures. By selecting high-efficiency lighting fixtures, the power consumption can be reduced. Combined with natural lighting, a synergistic effect greater than the sum of its parts (1+1>2) can be achieved. Multiple modes of operation can be employed, allowing for adjustments based on time and occupancy conditions.