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Humboldt Forum Exterior

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Lichtvision Design GmbH (Façade Illumination), Kardorff Ingenieure (Landscape Lighting surrounding a
Lead Designers Dr. Thomas Müller, Liane Langhans, Mariana Saravina, Claudio Wettig, Thomas Oertzen
Client Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung
Photo Credits Florian Selig, Alexander Schippel
Other Credits Architect: Franco Stella Projektgemeinschaft, Landscape Architect: bbz landschaftsarchitekten berlin
Completion Date 15-09-2022
Project Location Berlin, Germany
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Entry Description

The Humboldt Forum in Berlin extends over more than 44,000 square metres on the Spree Island.
Main parts of the building façade are extensively historical reconstructed. The illumination idea emphasizes the volume of the building, instead of emphasizing individual elements. The luminaires are inconspicuously integrated into the architecture or columns without distracting the viewer’s eye. The challenge was the necessary integration of safety cameras, a plaza illumination element and different facade illumination modules into a common column body. The user friendly implementation of the light scene has been realised by the integration of Casambi modules into the columns.
Sustainability Approach

Awarded with the BNB Public Buildings Instrument, the architectural lighting design of the Humboldt Forum takes into account a holistic view and evaluation of sustainability aspects over the entire life cycle.
Company Description

Lichtvision Design is an international lighting design consultancy based in Berlin, Hong Kong and London. Since 1997 we work for architects, investors and operators on small projects to large developments. We act as independent consultants in all aspects of lighting design and planning. Known for our award-winning design, we balance technology and creativity, science with art. The design process of our multidisciplinary team is highly collaborative. It has evolved through years of working with internationally renowned architects, giving us global experience as well as local knowledge.