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Bursting from Within

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company FerryGunawanDesigns
Lead Designers Ferry Gunawan
Other Designer's names Atelier Cosmas Gozali
Client PT. Santos Jaya Abadi
Photo Credits Ferry Gunawan, Yesser Priono, Suharyadi
Completion Date April 2023
Project Location Jakarta, Indonesia
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Entry Description

The project consists of two office buildings located next to one of the busiest stations in central Jakarta.
The first building is a sixth-story building with a roof from a local traditional tribe in Indonesia, which was completed in 2018, and the second is an eight-story building with an inverted boat-shaped roof that was completed in 2023.
The lighting concept was an addition to the interior of the existing lower building to avoid adding light clutter on the facade and glare into the office spaces. The strategy was to add a discrete lighting strip on each randomly located window on each floor, thereby providing a lighting outburst on the facade based on its architectural features. The result on the lower first building was replicated on the taller second building.
Other lighting strategies were included to balance both facades from the main canopy, atriums, and two distinct rooftop shapes. The lower building rooftop provided a hollow space where the light could fill but the second building rooftop was separated by a silhouette of a lighting strip from the penthouse offices below. The aim was to get the floating effect of the boat geometry in the sky.

Both buildings contribute to the surrounding area by showcasing another layer of urban lighting texture at nighttime.
Sustainability Approach

The approach to this lighting strategy was a minimal intervention and minimal power addition to the existing building. Each window in the existing building was fitted with a high-powered linear LED strip with 4 watts of power per meter, which is hidden in an aluminum strip to match the interior of the offices.
The rooftop of the lower building is distinguished by highlighting the unique shape inspired by an Indonesian tribe. However, the rooftop of the higher building is accentuated by a different lighting strip strategy to emphasize a floating rooftop volume.
The design intends is to highlight the inherent architectural features while avoiding light pollution in the bustling city.
Company Description

FerryGunawanDesigns is a multi-disciplinary firm providing services in architecture, interior design, lighting and product design.