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Goertek Optoelectronic Industry Park

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company FangFang Studio&Hangzhou Donghao Lighting Engineering Co. LTD
Lead Designers Fang Fang
Other Designer's names Yi Zonghui ,Qian Yihang,Li Wei
Client Goertek
Photo Credits Lou Hongyi
Completion Date 2023.5
Project Location Weifang, Shandong
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Entry Description

As a technology company's own comprehensive building, the overall architectural design of the project presents a formal and aesthetic image. The lighting design does not adopt the traditional approach of emphasizing outward contours or giving it high brightness, but rather pays attention to the beauty of the rhythm of the building's window design towards production, hiding the lamps in the window structure and emitting light in different directions, Creating facades in different directions for buildings has different states. Moreover, based on the height changes of the windows, another set of designs has been designed to emphasize the style of the windows, presenting two different states according to the different time periods and usage characteristics of the building at night. One is full of praise for the sense of form, and the other is full of a low-key and elegant style.

At some entrances and backs, depending on the number of people used, the lighting fixtures are concealed in positions such as columns and railings, giving different brightness to different spaces. By adjusting the rhythm of basic lighting, the serious and dignified style characteristics of the building itself are displayed
Sustainability Approach

This project is an office building, and most of the lighting methods we use are indirect lighting. We also require that the lighting fixtures have a very precise angle of illumination, and all light should be used on the building as much as possible to avoid waste. Many locations utilize basic lighting to showcase the beauty of the building through changes in brightness. According to different time periods and scenarios, we have set different control modes to save energy through intelligent switches. Under normal conditions, the total power consumption is less than half of that of ordinary office building facade lighting. In energy-saving mode, only 30% of the normal mode is used.