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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company J.Y.Lighting Design
Other Designer's names Architect: YUNG-HUNG HUANG
Photo Credits J.Y. Lighting Design
Other Credits lighting fixtures supplier: K.S.S. Lighting
Completion Date 2021-11-11
Project Location Chiayi, Taiwan
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Entry Description

It’s a renovation project for the light environment. The amelioration of the light environment is expected to become the starting point for the rebirth of the neighborhood area. To achieve this goal, the priority is to integrate the arts center with local habitants’ daily life. Our design concept is to conceive this area as a “garden” which could also be a cozy recreation place at night for the habitants. We use warm white light as the main tone of the light environment to form a serene and historic atmosphere and strengthen the identification of the space, setting off the architectural characteristic of red tiles and brick walls. The ridge of the roof is illuminated by a narrow beam angle spotlight to depict its unique horseback-like curves. Simultaneously, the decoration on the gable is highlighted to signify the five elements of oriental philosophy-the metal, the wood, the water, the fire, and the earth. The lotus pond is in the middle of the outdoor open space. At night, we use RGB gobo light to overlay a thin ephemeral layer on the lotus pond and add some splendid ambiance for the outdoor open space. The RGB gobo light has four patterns that vary with seasons: flying butterflies, swimming fish, water ripples, and starry dots. Every hour from 7 pm to 10 pm, there is a ten-minute gobo light show which turns into a nighttime attraction of the area.
Sustainability Approach

In this renovation project, how to make good use of the existing lighting fixtures and integrate them into the new lighting design is important. We investigate all the existing luminaires and evaluate if they are suitable to keep. After classifying the existing fixtures, we check the luminance of the façade. Based on our survey results, some of them are removed and some of them are kept by adding glare shields or changing the light source and adjusting the lumens. In the outdoor space, we illuminate the walls with indirect lighting which can provide a sense of security in the environment to the visitors. The mechanism that vertical illuminance enhances the human eye's perception of ambient brightness can reduce the quantities of lamps and avoid an excessively bright environment. It also helps minimize the involvement of artificial lighting making eco-friendly lighting design possible.
Company Description

J.Y. Lighting Design was established in 1999. We’ve accomplished more than 300 projects, the design scope includes urban lighting planning, architectural façade lighting, landscape lighting and interior lighting.
There are three main elements in our design guideline: new technology, environment and human beings. We always try to consider our design from different point of views and popularize the knowledge of lighting.