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Prize(s) Winners in Daylighting
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guojian Hu
Other Designer's names Qiying Jin & Howard Jiho Kim & Yan Ma & Woohyung Choi & Francesca Tongxin Guan & Yaodong Ding
Photo Credits Jin Weiqi & Ban Ye
Completion Date 2022.10
Project Location Beijing
Entry Description

The lighting of the front hall and entrance combine with the architectural form. Using interior decoration grooves to highlight the characteristic components of the space and express the pureness of the space.
The main exhibition hall is a large open space with natural lighting. In the entire space, the architect retained the arc-shaped roof with Bauhaus characteristics to the greatest extent, and hid the HVAC system and firefighting equipment in the new anti-arc device. The lighting design also continues the architectural design method, hiding the high-power linear lights inside above the reverse arc. Through the reflection of the arc ceiling, the uniform soft light fills the entire space and ensures the environmental lighting of modern and contemporary art exhibitions. In the daytime, natural light diffuses into the exhibition hall through the skylight in the north and combines with artificial light through dimming control. At night, the indirect light of the linear lights reproduces as soft sunlight and provides a pleasant exhibition and activity space. All the necessary lighting tracks in the exhibition hall are gathered in one place on the anti-arc structure to maintain the original spacial purity and meet the requirements of a diversified modern art exhibition.
Company Description

RDesign International Lighting is a global leading creative architectural consultancy company, founded in 2012 and has offices in Shanghai, Hong kong and New York. The completed projects by team were often honored internationally each year.
We provide lighting design services for projects in various fields, such as overall urban planning, high-rise complex building development, and customized art installation for transportation hubs, hotels and exhibitions.