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Journey of The Pioneers; Museum of The Future

Prize(s) Winners in Cultural Building Lighting Design
Company Belzner Holmes Light Design
Lead Designers Florian Wild, Andrew Holmes
Other Designer's names Exhibition Planning and Graphic Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER Media Hardware Planning: medienprojekt p2 Architecture: Killa Design Photography: Giovanni Emilio Galanello | Daniel Stauch
Photo Credits ©ATELIER-BRUECKNER_Giovanni-Emilio-Galanello
Completion Date February 22, 2022
Project Location Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Entry Description

The Museum of the Future's lighting design has several key objectives:

1. Atmosphere Creation: Each exhibition section features a unique ambiance achieved through varying light intensities, color temperatures, and effects. This lighting enhances storytelling, much like a symphony orchestra harmonizing to create a cohesive experience.

2. Visual Appeal: Motifs in each section's design highlight textures, colors, and intricacies, captivating visitors and aiding comprehension.

3. Attention Guidance: Carefully placed light sources direct focus toward focal points and improve spatial layout understanding while minimizing glare.

4. Audience Interaction: The lighting and control system actively engage visitors, especially on the fourth and first floors.

5. Innovation and Creativity: Custom light sources complement the Power Track lighting system, seamlessly integrating with the interior architecture while concealing the light source from view.

The DMX lighting control is decentralized, with each floor and media lift having its control center connected via a network. The media control system synchronizes lighting sequences with media content and visitor interactions while managing the entire lighting installation. Approximately 3000 individually controllable LED luminaires are addressed via 220 DMX512 universes, creating a dynamic lighting process.
Sustainability Approach

Sustainability in the Museum of the Future's lighting design encompasses energy efficiency, natural daylight utilization, smart controls, eco-friendly materials, and responsible maintenance. These strategies not only align with the museum's innovative mission but also exemplify a commitment to environmental responsibility, setting a standard for sustainable lighting design in cultural institutions.
Company Description

For almost 30 years the company has been consulting and creating lighting projects in fields of architecture, urban planning, stage and exhibition design at home in Germany as well as overseas. We look after private and public buildings of all kinds, renowned museums, themed and special exhibitions, theatres, events, stage technology, churches and other sacred buildings. Our office is also dedicated to urban lighting projects of various sizes such as parks, squares, bridges and urban light master plans.