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Agora Modiano

Prize(s) Winners in Cultural Building Lighting Design
Company Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design
Lead Designers Eleftheria Deko, Marina Matiatou
Other Designer's names Architectural Design SPARCH / Morfo Papanikolaou
Client Fais Group
Photo Credits Gavriil Papadiotis
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Thessaloniki Greece
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Entry Description

Agora Modiano was originally designed by the architect Eli Modiano in 1922 and inaugurated in 1930. In 1995 it was announced Listed building by the Greek Ministry of Culture as one of the significant buildings with Stoa.
After 30 years of inactivity the Agora opened again in 2022 following the restoration works .
The lighting design respecting the principles of lighting Monuments and Historic Buildings and the intention of the architect Mrs. M. Papanikolaou, to keep the old character of the building as unchanged as possible took a great care not to “injure” the shell of the building with fixtures as if it was the skin of a living organism. The purpose was to keep its character and create functional and high aesthetics lighting. We designed for this reason bespoke fixtures taken from the style of the 30’s and also chose from the contemporary lighting brands. Other architectural lighting fixtures were placed so are not visible but only their lighting effect.
The Stoa with its central and side corridors, was one of the challenges to support the old architectural rhythm with new fixtures so there the lighting design emphasised in strict symmetry and linear repetition.
The facade lighting highlights the architectural elements making the building a landmark at the neighbourhood at night while invites the passers by to go inside the agora to shop, to have dinner, to socialise.
Sustainability Approach

1. A small portion of the old fixtures of the 30s was reused with led components.
2. An astronomical clock gives exact time off on and off of the lighting and sensors estimate the day lighting during days in order to adjust the intensity.
3. Custom bespoke luminaries were made by a local workshop
Company Description

Eleftheria Deko and Associates is an award-winning lighting studio specializing in architectural lighting design, stage lighting, and event lighting. With an extensive experience in numerous and significant lighting projects, implemented in public and private spaces, the multidisciplinary team, provides integrated lighting solutions and design approaches that respond to the specific needs of diverse clients.