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Reimagine the Canals

Prize(s) Winners in Community Building Lighting
Company Office For Visual Interaction, Inc.
Lead Designers Jean Sundin, Enrique Peiniger
Other Designer's names Markus Fuerderer, Wendy Jiang, Theressa Asis, Iris Nourentini, Monica Llamas
Client New York Power Authority
Photo Credits NYPA, Frank Forte, Wendy Jiang
Other Credits Buro Happold
Completion Date Fairport Bridge, Brewerton and Verona Beach Lighthouses: Dec. 2021; Littl Falls Lock E-17: July 2022
Project Location New York, USA
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Entry Description

Reimagine the Canals uses light as the catalyst to revitalize the heritage of NY’s Erie Canal-side communities. Landmark structures, Verona Beach and Brewerton Lighthouses, Little Falls Lock E-17, and Fairport Bridge, are given new life via unique lighting schemes that celebrate local culture and promote economic growth. Verona Beach Lighthouse’s new nighttime identity ripples to life as dusk settles. Exterior LED luminaires with gobos mimic the rhythm of surrounding waters against its white surface. Ensuring comfort for surrounding residents, lighting was precisely aimed to prevent glare and spill light. Brewerton Lighthouse embodies a dark concrete construction. Its reimagined nighttime identity transforms its cold appearance into a warm candlelit glow with amber colored LEDs positioned around the base, exuding an antique aura that complements its sister lighthouse’s renewed identity. The design for Lock E-17 strategically focused lights with gobos to simulate a rippling water effect, while illuminating the lock volume itself with color changing LED floodlights in a soothing purple hue to enhance its details and dramatic perspective. Fairport’s bridge features amber tones, echoing the neighborhood’s industrial character via linear and point source color changing LED luminaires. The dimming and color settings are curated to gradually shift in 30-minute intervals.
Sustainability Approach

All luminaires use energy-efficient LED technology with minimal consumption, programmed to operate at a maximum of 80% power. Color changing capabilities, power adjustability and dimmability provide users with versatile functionality.

Public projects often face delays, resulting in outdated technology at installation. As a proactive strategy, the specs were deliberately left open for updates until closer to installation. This allowed the use of more efficient and high-performing lighting solutions that adhere to industry standards.

The project initiative aims to safeguard the historical heritage and foster a sense of community for the residents and visitors of the quaint towns situated along NY’s Erie Canal. The lighting design proudly breathes new life into these original landmark structures promoting recreation, ecological conservation and stimulating economic progress.