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Longfang Bridge Nightscape Lighting Design Project

Prize(s) Winners in Bridges and Public infrastructures Lighting
Company Lighting Design Institute of Wenzhou Design Assembly Company Ltd
Lead Designers Yao Shi
Other Designer's names YiHong Chen, Jing Wang, WeiJian Xia, JunChao Chen, BiXue Liu, ShengHao Huang, XiuYa Zheng
Photo Credits Wenzhou Design Assembly Company Ltd, One Thousand Degree Image
Other Credits LiFeng Wu, XingFeng Tan(Bridge Engineer), ZiHui Zhang(Landscape Architect)
Completion Date 2021/08/31
Project Location Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Entry Description

Located in Nantang Cultural Tourism Zone and Wenruitang River Scenic Belt in Wenzhou, Longfang Bridge is a critical project for integrating vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as expressing Tanghe Culture.
Our lighting design aims to strengthen the spatial hierarchy of the bridge structure and merge the structure into the canal town environment.
While both pedestrian bridges use 2200K high saturation lights to enhance contrast between warm yellow lights and red-painted structure, which correspond to National Emblem of the People's Republic of China, the main bridge uses 4000K low saturation lights to provide functional lighting for traffic and stand out from the yellow lights. Local culture was expressed through the contrast of lighting design colour tones and brightness between main bridge and pedestrian bridges.
Lighting integrates with the structure of bridge and merges the bridge with the quiet, peaceful and romantic atmosphere of Jiangnan canal town, turning Longfang bridge into an iconic local tourist attraction over Wenruitang River.
Sustainability Approach

Lighting effect is managed by an intelligent control system with timer and sensor to automatically switch off individual lights at midnight or when daylight is sufficient.
Three lighting modes are set for weekdays, weekends and general festivals, as well as important events and festivals. Wall washers and flood lights hidden in the structure run in single colour in weekday mode, and lights for handrails will have a single colour dynamic lighting effect on weekends and general festivals. As for important events and festivals, ten theme scenes of dynamic colour-changing lighting effect, including four seasons, International Labor Day, National Day, are preset to add to the festive atmosphere.