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Galataport Istanbul Cruise Terminal

Prize(s) Winners in Bridges and Public infrastructures Lighting
Company Planlux Lighting Design & Inventronics
Lead Designers Korhan SISMAN
Other Designer's names Gorkem ENGIN, Basak OKAY
Client Salipazari Port Operations / Dogus Group / Bilgili Holding
Photo Credits Korhan SISMAN
Other Credits Inventronics for LED modules and drivers + Autoban / Norm Architects
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Istanbul, Turkiye
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Entry Description

Galataport Cruise Terminal is the world's first underground cruise terminal.
People arriving in Istanbul by sea experience the sparkle and airiness that the Bosphorus guarantees as it passes between the city shores. The underground terminal makes it possible not to affect the peace of the landscape while ensuring the same feeling of space and comfort once off the ship.
The structure of the Galataport is based on shapes and textures that support the fluidity and naturalness of artificial light. The terminal is then inspired by typical local cisterns and their historic cloisters.
The lack of natural light was a crucial ergonomic parameter. Light thus became a key element: it develops scales, zones, colors and textures. Ceiling sections mimic more traditional natural light openings thanks to grazers that direct light flows. Lighting systems aid orientation and passengers traffic. Thanks to the use of reflective ceiling materials and backlit walls, moreover, the light generates the feeling of large and delicate spaces, even though the architectures are sometimes quite narrow.
Finally, thanks to DALI control systems, it is possible to adjust the intensity and balance of light between zones to simulate natural light changes and ensure the best comfort for users all the time. Thus, it was possible to pursue energy efficiency goals without compromising visuals and functional comfort.
Sustainability Approach

Galataport has received LEED Platinum certification, transforming the existing port area into a sustainable public attraction for the first time since 19th century. The project prioritized local resources, community involvement, and preservation of authentic culture and architecture. With appropriate building heights, Galataport maintains the surrounding landscape while improving cruise operations. It incorporates sustainable measures such as efficient HVAC using seawater hydrothermal cooling. The project exceeds international standards for air quality, energy, and water efficiency and, finally, followed environmentally friendly construction practices. DALI lighting controls, plus, allow to manage lighting in order to balance day light and avoid energy wasting. Galataport definitely sets a benchmark for sustainable urban development.