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Alishan Cypress Train

Prize(s) Winners in Bridges and Public infrastructures Lighting
Company Light Poetic International
Lead Designers Ya-Hui Cheng, Xin Mei Zeng
Other Designer's names hL design studio (Interior Designer) / Liteputer (Lighting Control System)
Client Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Yu Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd
Photo Credits Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office
Completion Date August, 2023
Project Location Alishan, Chiayi, Taiwan
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Entry Description

The Alishan Cypress Train with uniquely designed thematic interiors lined with fragrant Hinoki cypress wood which have the characteristics of high-grade materials, offering passengers the one-of-a-kind experience of discovering the beauty of the island’s forests during its ascent to the top of Alishan mountain, one of the scenic mountain ranges in Taiwan.

The interior lighting of the carriages mostly utilizes indirect LED linear lighting seamlessly integrated within interior details which brings out the beautiful warm tone of the cypress wood and creates a cozy environment. It minimizes the direct impact on the passengers' vision and creates a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable sensory travel experience.

The decorative lightings are also specifically designed to match the interior theme and material finishes. The wall lamp is made of white fluted gradient diffused glass combined with cypress wood material. Whether it is a wall lamp or a table lamp, they are endowed with a common vocabulary to achieve a consistent and harmonious aesthetic feeling. A few rounds of prototypes, discussions on installation methods, and shock resistance tests were held to ensure the quality of fixtures and their durability under various circumstances.

In addition, different scenes are set up according to various scenarios, showing the deep care that lighting design brings to passengers.
Sustainability Approach

Environmental protection issues have also been considered in the lighting design. In terms of lighting fixtures selection, energy-saving LED lightings are selected, and intelligent dimming technology and automatic systems with daylight sensors are also introduced to achieve energy saving and carbon emission reduction. This is not only reflecting the care and responsibility of lighting design for the environment, but also creates a sustainable future, allowing our journey to be in harmony with nature.

Five scenes are also planned for operational and energy efficiency. Due to the activation of daylight sensor, when the train enters the tunnel of the mountainous area, the interior light brightness will be adjusted automatically, so that passengers' vision can gradually adapt to the bright to dark transition comfortably.
Company Description

Light Poetic’s design process begins with recognizing the space and its key design elements in collaboration with architects, interior designers and our clients.

Our efforts as lighting designers are to search for the greatest potential and ideas to illuminate the space with a balance of soft and bold, direct and indirect, subtle and vibrant, light and shadow, decorative and architectural.

The human touch is significant for us. We design for humanity and enjoy having our clients see the light poetically and meaningfully.