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Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Company LINE Lighting Design
Lead Designers Mustafa Akkaya
Other Designer's names Ugur Latif Celebi, Gizem Ulker
Client D.ream
Photo Credits Fevzi Ondu
Other Credits Architects: Tabanlioglu Architects
Completion Date 01.06.2023
Project Location Istanbul, Turkey
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Entry Description

Considering the lighting concept together with the panoramic view of the restaurant, which dominates all historical and cultural axes of Istanbul, constitutes the main line of the project concept.
The team designed a lighting layout by dividing the ceiling modules into 3 different modules in a functional context, according to the architectural design intent. It was aimed to make the effect of form stronger by revealing the emphasis of interior geometries. In the lighting design scenario, in order to create sufficient illumination level only on the desired table surfaces, the luminaires’ angle for these surfaces were calculated as maximum 10-12 degrees with the glare control concern.
Using different color temperatures in the space like sunset colors with a large perspective of the city was one of the main lighting design decisions. While warm dim lighting (1800-2700 K) was preferred to create a warmer, more intimate atmosphere in the general lighting of the space, the lighting gradually changes from 2700K to 1800K color temperatures.
With the general illumination of the space, details of the steps and shelves were revealed with concealed fixtures in order to meet the requirements of creating ambiance. In addition, the textured ceramic material details in the niches and the mirror fronts are emphasized with linear graze lighting fixtures in order to create the material depth.
Sustainability Approach

The 3 facades of the restaurant consist of window openings and a terrace, which is one of the important design decisions taken into consideration by the team whilst creating the lighting design concept. Daylight has been taken into the space from large, ultra clear glass windows by using it with maximum efficiency and the artificial lighting levels have been arranged according to the day times. To minimize energy consumption and provide more comfortable space to the visitors, all lighting fixtures are dimmable with DALI control system. While the specified lighting fixtures have higher luminous efficacy, there are 5 different lighting scenarios that provides different light levels with the less energy consumption. These scenarios can be automatically switched according to the time of the day and seasonal transitions, but also manually presented to the user's control.
Company Description

Line is an independent architectural lighting design & consultancy company based in ?stanbul with a branch office also in Antalya.