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Duck & Waffle - Edinburgh

Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Company dpa Lighting Consultants
Lead Designers dpa lighting consultants, Michael Curry – Senior Associate
Other Designer's names Interior Design - Fabled Studio
Photo Credits Courtesy of Duck & Waffle
Other Credits Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobold
Completion Date February 2023
Project Location Edinburgh, Scotland
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Entry Description

This exciting, saturated, surrealist neon dream was a fantastically fun departure for our designers. Warm–dim, quasi-theatrical projectors form the backbone of the lighting scheme, suspended from theatrical trussing at high level and producing dramatic accentuation for the dining tables.

Integrated linear LED is tucked within concealed detailing throughout and is particularly effective around the live kitchen / dining stations, which are all presented on an elevated stage platform, floated with light. Flat panel LED lighting is integrated into the bar and service station shelving to create sparkle through the bottles and glassware. At the open bar, this is all reflected inside a giant, polished whiskey still canopy above.

Modernity is mixed with tradition in the private dining spaces, where you can dine with an audience of refined Scottish waterfowl, all properly illuminated with dedicated artwork lighting. The scheme is brought together with neon signage throughout.
Sustainability Approach

The lighting design of the restaurant was carefully planned to reduce the ongoing lighting load, carbon footprint, and running costs while maintaining functionality and aesthetics.

Using exclusively LED light sources provides excellent efficacy, and longevity, with a minimal maintenance requirement. When the project is eventually refurbished, the lighting equipment will be largely recyclable through the circular economy schemes of the manufacturers.

All lighting is dimmable through the intelligent lighting control system, which uses an astronomical timeclock.

Precise dimming and control zoning has been used to facilitate a variety of lighting scenes, which reduce the light levels throughout the evening, creating an increasingly intimate atmosphere.

The design highlights the space's beauty while incorporating eco-friendly materials and technologies, a point of pride for the team.