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Akuna lighting experience

Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Company Lightsculptures/Cappucciodesignstudio
Lead Designers Francesco Cappuccio
Client Le Méridien Saigon
Other Credits Interior design by Noor
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location Saigon Vietnam
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Entry Description

The bar name Akuna takes inspiration from the Australian Aboriginal term that means "flowing water”.Our design concept revolves around the 3 fundamental states of water: solid, liquid, and gas. The journey starts with the sconces "on the rocks" for lift lobby, featuring the solid ice state apparently melting under the light. Moving into the private room, we have incorporated the ice elements into a chandelier form integrating dimmable down lighting to enhance illumination over the dining table. Following the concept, 10 illuminated oversized drops at the counter represents the liquid state.
The Akuna bar then is wrapped by the sculptural chandelier entitled "Waves" and symbolize the water splash to represent the gaseous state.The chandelier hug the Chef table and is the prominent feature of the dining room .Consisting of 300 pieces of our signature twisted Murano glass tubes with silver oxidized soul illuminated from within with customized LED fittings and 800 pieces of straight glass tubes which refract lights from the spotlights positioned above to create ambient light for the dining room.The silver oxidized particles or "soul" as we call it represent the reflection of the moon and stars seen from the crashing waves. The glasses are suspended from a large U-shaped canopy housing 75 narrow beam spotlights and meticulously arranged to bring mind the crescendo of the wave.
Sustainability Approach

For this project, Lightsculpture exclusively utilizes recycled glass and aluminum fitting in order to demonstrate our deep appreciation for our planet and harness the impactful potential of artistic expression.
Company Description

Lightsculptures Co., Ltd, is a Bangkok- based award winning Design think tank specialize in lighting designand manufacturing extremely large Murano glass sculptural installation
Francesco Cappuccio is an Award winning Italian product and lighting designer. Francesco relocated to Bangkok in 2005, where he taught industrial design In 2015 he founded "CappuccioDesignStudio" and coo-founded the brand "Lightsculptures"
Following his motto “Form follows function and vice versa and integrating sustainable principles, Francesco emphasizes the interplay of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability