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Intercity BAR

Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Company Vermilion Zhuo Design Group
Lead Designers Vera Chu
Other Designer's names Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou, Garvin Hung, Chia Huang Liao, Ian Zhu
Client H World Group
Photo Credits Jian Quan Wu
Completion Date NOV.2022
Project Location SHENZHEN, China
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Entry Description

?Secret Room

The secret room always gives people the impression of mystery, excitement, and exploration. Even though it's just a hidden place in the space, the unknowing things behind the door magnify the inner imagination. The surprise brings exciting emotions and a brief relaxation away from reality.

?Intercity Bar

"Intercity Bar" hides this "secret room" in the Intercity Hotel. Although the hotel is positioned as "Extreme Business," its function satisfies busy business travellers. Still, it also needs a little relaxation during the bustling trip to relax the tired body and mind. The purpose of the "Intercity Bar" that appeared inadvertently is to help release the fast-paced tension.

?Intercity Space

The immensity of the space scene takes the guest out of reality immediately. "Intercity Bar" invites guests to board an Intercity spaceship and enjoy the unexpected journey. Whether you are in the actual city or virtual universe, sipping a sip of mellow craft beer and enjoying a temporary escape.
Sustainability Approach

1. Integrating most lighting into interior design elements, including ceilings, floors, and walls, allows us to create diffuse ambient lighting from various heights and angles, adding layers to the spatial atmosphere.
2. Utilizing the DMX512 intelligent dimming RGBW system, in line with the spaceship-themed visual concept, a single LED strip can produce thematic colours and dynamic effects. It can easily switch back to white light (clean)mode during non-operational hours.