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Artifact Bar

Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Lead Designers Eugenia Cheng
Other Designer's names Ivan Zhang
Client Hongkong Land and Artifact Bar
Photo Credits Lit Ma of Common Studio Ltd.
Other Credits Interior Design by NC Design + Architecture Limited
Completion Date April 2023
Project Location Hong Kong
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Entry Description

Artifact is a speakeasy bar hidden within the basement of BaseHall Central, Hong Kong. Inspired by rhythmic patterns of underground cisterns, fusing architectural mastery and creative lighting design, the bar offers an extraordinary and ethereal experience.

At the secret entry, guests are greeted by circular windows reminiscent of industrial pipes, adorned with digital light art that signals the start of a captivating architectural and lighting journey. The passageway lighting is dim and subdued, evoking a clandestine abandoned industrial landscape atmosphere. Bespoke rotating decor lights resembling surveillance cameras add intrigue and welcome guests.

At the main bar area, guests are met with a mirrored ceiling that creates an illusion of infinite soaring heights and repetition of bold, sculptural rib-like architectural structures with strategically placed lights that add emphasis. The bar features a surreal circular skylight, emitting a soft glow evocative of sunset, transporting guests to an immersive visual and sensory delight. The seating booths are furnished with downward-lighting table lamps that accentuate and create a sense of intimacy and focus; soft linear lighting under the seats forms a dramatic runway effect. The private room continues the theme with pipe-like windows exuding radiance akin to the hues of sunset light, imparting a surreal and theatric ambience.
Sustainability Approach

The project minimises carbon footprints by focusing on local production, assembly, and sourcing for 90% of lighting fixtures. These fixtures utilised long-lasting LED technology and had easily maintainable and replaceable lamp sources and control gear. All architectural downlights uses COB modules, while decorative lighting uses efficient SMD LED strips, reducing energy consumption and generating heat. A dimming control system with timers is implemented during off-peak hours, and different scene sets are created for flexibility and extended lamp lifespan. Lighting software ensured compliance with international recommendations and local EMSD energy requirements, achieving well-lit spaces without excessive lighting. The project showcased environmental sustainability by selecting the environmentally friendly Lutron Lighting control system, known for its green initiatives.
Company Description

LightOrigin Studio is a Hong Kong-based lighting design and consultancy studio. Our design ethos is founded on the principle of balance: an equilibrium between the realisation of a design ideology and its aesthetics and a design function and its practicality. Our objective is to illuminate, elevate and enhance architectural spaces with a balance of light, shadow, colour, brightness, and contrast.

As our studio experience grows, we hope our design matures and evolves to become more human-centric, sustainable, detail-orientated, and energy-efficient. We believe good lighting is for everyone.