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IronPlate Restaurant

Prize(s) Winners in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ryan Salim, Mitha Audina
Other Designer's names DSN Intervention (Ivan Ersan, Alexandre Alvin, Chryseis Lee)
Client MDA Restaurants
Photo Credits FotoPerspektif, Ryan Salim
Other Credits Gita Laras, Chef Andri
Completion Date September 2022
Project Location MD Place Building, South Jakarta, Indonesia
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Entry Description

IronPlate is a Franco-Asian Steakhouse on Teppan. An inventive and fresh approach to discovering a new world of French-inspired dishes with distinctive Asian influence is prepared to live in front of your very eyes.

A play of black on black. The idea came upon us while looking at a heated cast iron, where in extreme heat, the black iron produces an amber hue. To deconstruct this observation, we play around with different textures of black-colored materials. This idea can be observed from the entryway up to the dining area, where we used rough and smooth textures and stone as the underlying material. Another significant reason for the color and ambiance is to provide a proper stage for the chefs performing at IronPlate.

Such a dramatic entrance carefully placed the mini spotlight with a zig-zag pattern to break the equality. The central kitchen with a live cooking show highlighted with narrow degree spotlight of 2700K with CRI95 to bring the true color of the meat while cooking. The main focal point also pointed to the ingredient and knife showcase.
At last for the VIP room and corridor, on the ceiling of ripple stainless steel, a dotless led strip play the biggest support to create the slim and seamless reflection of light combined with a mini spot to make it camouflage.
Sustainability Approach

IronPlate Restaurant is equipped with re-used lighting system control Dynalite from the previous restaurant tenant. To ensure energy efficiency, IronPlate is designed to be very efficient in planning and controlling the use of dimming to create an authentic and dramatic mood while the cooking show happening within the limited capacity. Careful plan to design with phase-cut dimming help to minimize the use of cables. A good quality and long-lasting product brings an impact on our environment to minimize waste.
Company Description

ERRELUCE is committed to the idea of collaboration throughout the entirety of the design process. We place the highest possible emphasis upon input from all parties, from client to the architect or interior designer, our work is driven with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. We believe that by understanding the basic concept of the spaces, materials, and objects, we can create lighting solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are the balance between emotion and quality in architecture + interior.