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The Taikang Sanya, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

Prize(s) Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design
Company J+B Studios Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Hen-Chao Shih
Other Designer's names Fiona Lang, Fang Wang
Client Taikang Insurance Group
Photo Credits TOPIA VISION
Completion Date 2022.08.01
Project Location Haitang Bay, Hainan Provice, China
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Entry Description

The balance of brightness and contrast of light is the main concern of this project. Creating a dim, warm and soft lighting environment can let the guests slow down and enjoy their journey. Fishing nets, bamboo weaving and paper lanterns are becoming the important elements for creating a suitable lighting environment.
The elements of fishing nets and lanterns are turned into a big pendant light and became the visual center of all-day dinning. Integrated paper pendant lights provide a comfortable ambient light and accent lights provide necessary brightness for the long table. It achieves the function and aesthetic requirements.
The 'light box' with dimming system in the lobby represents the concept of paper lantern. During nighttime, the brightness of the paper lantern will be controlled appropriately. Even and soft light are supposed to produce a relax atmosphere and to express sincere welcome to all guests while they stay in this space.
In the Water Courtyard, downlights are used to provide a low-level ambient light environment with subtle rhythm. In-ground up-lights are used to light the plants and to create vivid images by shadows on the wall. The decorative lanterns are arranged in rhythm. Three lighting elements are used to enhance the vertical vision. The reflecting pool becomes a background to reflect the different image of sky and the building façade from day to night.
Sustainability Approach

By using a lighting control system with daylight sensors for the whole resort and carefully separating lighting circuits by different zones to meet the requirements of energy saving and sustainability.
Company Description

J+B Studios ( JBS ) was founded in Philadelphia, U.S.A in 2001. The practice was expanded to Beijing, China in early 2006. JBS has excellent experiences in lighting design. All key members were trained professionals in architecture and lighting design, with more than 10-year experience in the field. JBS’s services extend from museum, municipal transportation system, office buildings, park,small private residence and hotels.