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Granja Perelada

Prize(s) Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design
Company Artec Studio
Lead Designers Maurici Ginés
Other Designer's names Víctor Vinyamata, Núria Barat, Alessandra Bertolini, Fernando Rojo, Asia Sierra, Bernat Badia
Client Grup Peralada
Photo Credits Pep Sau, Hisao Suzuki
Other Credits Other Designers Names: Mauro Vásquez, Mariah Peláez, Verónica Agnolutto, Clara Massó
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Girona, Spain
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Entry Description

“Granja Peralada”, a former farm turned into a wine destination, features beautifully illuminated architecture and a tranquil garden that adds to its charm and sustainability: A Farm Reimagined as a Radiant Wine Haven.

Once a farm for animals and machinery, “Granja Peralada” has been reimagined as a destination for wine experiences, sales, and tastings. The space comprises arcaded buildings that accommodate the entrance, restaurant, and store, all surrounding a central garden filled with aromatic plants and a reflective pool. This pool serves the dual purpose of cooling the underground cellars and framing the picturesque Peralada landscape, stretching toward the horizon.
Light predominantly occupies the interior spaces, filtering outward through openings, crafting a luminous composition in the nighttime with distinct shadows. This envelops the garden in a serene twilight, accentuated by nuances in the vegetation. The reflective pool, delineated by a subtle line of light, delicately outlines the buildings with indirect facade illumination. The lighting scheme incorporates three forms of LED lighting, renowned for their high color accuracy and warm color temperature. This ensemble evokes the essence of La Granja during the evening. Ground-level lighting uniformly bathes the architectural arcades, while overhead lighting accentuates the products, restaurant, and tasting areas.