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Moxy Downtown Los Angeles

Prize(s) Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design
Company Lightning Studio
Lead Designers Wes Burdett
Other Designer's names Wes Burdett, Parichard Yingvararuk
Client Lightstone Group
Photo Credits Alice Gao
Completion Date March 2023
Project Location Los Angeles, USA
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Entry Description

The new Moxy in downtown Los Angeles sits within the same building as the AC hotel as its complementary counterpart, with a more dimly lit atmosphere focusing on the rawness of the space and vibrant playfulness of the interior design and furniture. The Moxy is aimed at a more vibrant personality and features a lighting design with strong contrasts and tight focus on the playfully crafted and curated furniture and sculptural elements throughout. The rawness of the interior design finishes come across as luxurious through thoughtful illumination that accentuates its craftmanship and highlights texture and materiality. The lighting design features exposed lighting fixtures that reference a more utilitarian industrial design, and it does not shy away from illuminating structural elements to celebrate the craft and grit of the overall design.
Sustainability Approach

California’s energy code is one of strictest in the world, and it was important to ensure that fixture specifications and utilisations not only met these parameters, but exceeded them without sacrificing the experiential quality of the design. Not only are specified lighting fixtures using the latest available technology to ensure highest levels of energy efficiency, their placement throughout the hotel seeks to maximise the effect achievable with the minimum amount of fixtures. Additionally, conscious specification of locally sourced lighting fixtures sought to minimise the overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment.