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Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui

Prize(s) Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design
Company Vermilion Zhuo Design Group
Lead Designers Vera Chu
Other Designer's names Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou, Garvin Hung, Chia Huang Liao, Jim Wang
Client H World Group
Photo Credits Jian Quan Wu
Completion Date OCT. 2022
Project Location Shanghai, China
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Entry Description

The accommodations experience of the new Crystal Orange Hotel can best be defined as luxurious yet not extravagant, and essential, yet not artificial. The refraction and dispersion of light seem to filter out the noise and the effects of jet lag, providing guests with unparalleled tranquillity and an opportunity to restore their lustre.

The lighting design uses different techniques to visualize the impression of "crystals." By integrating various "lighting" elements into the soft and hard furnishings, these lights complement the theme and serve as essential ambient lighting within the space. Through intelligent dimming scenarios, we manage the brightness contrast between them, creating a more eye-catching effect while fulfilling the lighting purpose.

Thanks to the incorporation of intelligent dimming scenes, we rigorously control the brightness balance for each period or usage scenario, extending the lifespan of the fixtures and conserving energy.

Crystal Facet Lighting
Throughout the interior space, you'll notice that we continuously use light refracted through crystal facets to create diffused imagery. This includes the use of infinity mirrors (elevator cabins) to produce a sense of transparency in enclosed spaces. It has become an essential element in translating the hotel's brand.
Sustainability Approach

1. We employ high-efficiency LED lights with a luminous flux more significant than 100 lumens per watt. This allows us to achieve higher brightness while using relatively low wattage.

2. We have implemented an intelligent dimming system that automatically adjusts the lighting scenes for each period based on operational needs and foot traffic, thereby achieving energy savings.

3. Centered around the crystal theme, we explore various lighting techniques to express the essence of crystals. We strive to utilize these lighting effects to meet the thematic and basic illumination requirements. Additionally, we create a sense of depth in different lighting scenarios through localised functional supplementary lighting and intelligent dimming.