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Nightscape Enhancement Project for Tianjin Nandi Coastal trail Park

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting Design
Company Tianjin University
Lead Designers Jiayin Song
Other Designer's names Yuanpeng Gao , Yueyang Liu , Xinwei Ma
Client Tianjin Binhai Tourism Area Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd
Photo Credits photograph by ZhangFan
Other Credits not have
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Tianjin, China
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Entry Description

This lighting design will enhance the China-Singapore Tianjin ecocity Nandi Coastal trail Park into a higher level for the night view of the park with comfortable landscape, intelligent interaction, natural ecology, and technological amusement. The design concept originates from the construction concept of the Coastal trail : "As green leaves fall by the Xinyongding River, focus on ecological construction, tourism, and education." The lighting plan adheres to the principle of people-oriented, pays attention to functional expression, and coordinates different forms to create regional characteristics. Because the insects such as mosquitoes and moths are abundant in this area,to reduce the gathering effect of nightscape lighting , The LED light source of the lamp has a low color temperature and contains less of the cold color spectrum. All lighting fixtures in the park are equipped with corresponding anti-glare measures. The above measures will maximize the experience of visiting the park at night.
The lamps use mixed light technology to achieve different color states throughout the four seasons. The coastal Trail is designed with an interactive and responsive running track, where lighting fixtures can sense as people move, saving energy while increasing the interactive experience of lighting.
Sustainability Approach

Adhere to the principle of "people-oriented" and apply efficient LED light sources to reduce lighting energy consumption while meeting functional and usage needs. Strictly control lighting to avoid adverse effects of light pollution on plants and animals. Strive to create an eco-friendly, comfortable and warm natural atmosphere.
Introduce advanced lighting technology to create efficient and energy-saving night scenery projects. Control the overall lighting in different time slots, and adopt different lighting modes for weekdays, holidays, and late nights. Strictly control the light distribution and projection angle of the projection lamp, avoid interference light and scattered light, and fully reflect the concept of Sustainable lighting.