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Taizhou Jiaojiang Riverside Landscape Lighting Project (Launch Area)

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting Design
Company Tongji Architectural Design Group Co . , Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Xiu
Other Designer's names Zhang Ming, Ma Yue, Wang Xiaoxiao, Chen Yu, Cai Wenjing, Li Xiaodong, Wang Yan, Cai Rong
Client Taizhou Jiaojiang Urban Development Investment Group Co., Ltd
Photo Credits ZYARCH Photographer
Completion Date 12/2021
Project Location Taizhou, China
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Entry Description

The launch section of the public space on the south bank of the Jiaojiang River in Taizhou is of historical significance and unique architectural features. Lighting design aims to express the industrial character of the original site, revitalise the city and contribute to the transformation of the south bank from an industrial area to a living-showground.

The most eye-catching part of the launch section of the public space on the south bank of the Jiaojiang River is the bowl-shaped ecological wetland system consisting of 12 bowls of varying sizes with an average diameter of over 40 metres. The design adopts a variety of lighting techniques to fully express the characteristics of the industrial sites according to their different characteristics. The industrial stacks are mainly supported by inverted V-shaped structures, and the design uses customised triangular handrail luminaries at the intersections of the structures to achieve functional lighting while maximising the concealment of the light source. The wine tank station is combined with floodlights of different beam angles to provide a full expression and attract the public to visit.

As night falls, warm lights slowly light up the grounds. Precious memories associated with the city are revealed under the lights, keeping the city's memory alive for the public.