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UNIT.City B15 Hall

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Client UNIT.City
Photo Credits Expolight
Other Credits Victoria Yakusha & Yakusha architectural studio
Completion Date 01/04/2023
Project Location Kyiv, Ukraine
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Entry Description

Our main idea was to reflect the ultra-modern, progressive essence of Unit.City.

To do this, we created a transparent glass screen with a digital holographic sculpture above the passage area, which displays in real time every 10 minutes various visual images based on Big Data, to which we carefully selected a symbolic meaning and name. The screen is also supplemented with convenient widgets for guests (time, date, weather, etc.).

In addition, biodynamic lighting is built into the entire hall, which repeats the daily rhythms of a person and gradually changes in four scenes at the appropriate time of the day. In addition, the interior features of the Yakusha design were emphasized with light, and the atmosphere of the evening forest was created with shadows from plants on the walls and floor.

For the holographic custom screen near the front desk, we designed and implemented digital moving avatars that reflect the values of Unit City. And for the floor lamps, we made not just a 3D mapping projection, but with special sensors of the latest generation of Lidar and with custom software from Expolight, we turned them into the behavior of a digital animal, thus symbolizing the futuristic and innovative nature of the park.

All elements together with lighting work as a single system and are controlled through our custom cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System.