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Folia Acoustix Family

Prize(s) Winners in Illuminated Home Décor
Company Lumenwerx
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Entry Description

Inspired by the shapes and forms of the botanical world, the acoustic luminaires of the Folia Acoustix product line—Folia Bellis, Folia Calla, Folia Calla Shallow, and Folia Dahlia—were created to deliver quality illumination and provide sound absorption and acoustic management solutions in various indoor settings while serving as appealing interior design elements in their own right. In the light of day, the fixtures have a sculptural, mobile-like presence, but once lit, they transform into glowing celestial bodies hovering peacefully in the darkness of night.

Composed of numerous layers of sound-absorbing felt created from recycled bottles, the fixtures contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment. Each acoustic luminaire manufactured represents a specific quantity of waste that would have gone to polluting landfills.

The plump nature of Folia Acoustix luminaires gives them more sound absorption capacity than typical rectilinear acoustic lighting fixtures. The use of vertical blades in Folia's design increases noise reduction by at least 30%.

Available in 24", 36", and 48" diameters, the acoustic luminaires can command attention as individual statement pieces or punctuate multiple-fixture groupings in intricate lighting plans. They deliver superior light quality via their optic system, which provides even luminosity and excellent transmission of up to 88%.
Sustainability Approach

Folia Acoustix luminaires embody a successful combination of environmental sustainability and acoustic performance. Their designs incorporate numerous layers of sound-absorbing felt, 60% of which is composed of PET resin derived from PET recycled bottles. They are flame retardant, breathable, mold resistant, and Zero VOC.

By extending the lifespan of PET resin through the production of Folia Acoustix luminaires, not only can human health and the environment be shielded from potential landfill pollution, but also a specific quantity of waste is diverted from entering landfills.

Folia Acoustix luminaires provide reporting transparency of all their material ingredients and potential health hazards with a Declare Label, which also aligns with requirements for Living Building Challenge, LEED and WELL certifications.