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Wuxi HEZI Spa Club

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company WEGO Lighting Design
Lead Designers Besson Tao
Other Designer's names Zhi peng Li ; Daniel Fan
Client HEZI Spa Club
Completion Date 2021-09
Project Location Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Entry Description

As an innovative project, it aims to integrate modern design language with the spirit of oriental aesthetics. Our lighting design concept is to present poetic oriental aesthetics with elegant and easy light. The slopping wood-grain attic is the most prominent feature of the reception hall in the SPA club, as well as an iconic feature of oriental architecture, which brings certain challenges to the lighting design. Firstly, the security and functional lighting of the space should be ensured, while not damaging the sloping roof. In the end, we rise to the challenge to not install any lamps on the slope of the roof, but cleverly hide a group of four small-size and low-power spotlights in the hollow beams of the roof, enhancing lighting for key areas. In addition, the visual brightness of the space is enhanced by led wall washers. The light transmitting from the transparent resin screen on the facade surprises us, which presents a kind of dim and soft aesthetic feeling, creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Finally, several ceiling spotlights are applied to meet the security and functional lighting requirements of the space, which not only makes the roof more clean and beautiful, but also saves certain lighting budget. In addition, it also reduces the maintenance cost of ceiling lamps later.
Sustainability Approach

The control loop of lighting is planned in line with the categories of lighting and the most comfortable lighting scenes in different periods are set through the combination of dimming, so as to allow outdoor natural light fully complement and integrate with indoor light, thus reducing the consumption of lighting energy.
Company Description

WEGO is a stick to originality of the spirit of lighting design company, focus on harmony with the environment research, services in business, real estate, office, culture, public, and other areas of the project, based on the requirement of the project nature research design basis points, and by the predictive design thought and the innovative design method, to provide customers with the most valuable significance of lighting solution.