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Prize(s) Winners in Cultural Building Lighting Design / Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Arup
Lead Designers Junko Inomoto, Wenqing Guo, Guillermo Martinez, Arfon Davies
Other Designer's names Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Design Architect), GOA (Executive Architect)
Client Hui Zhan Technology (Hangzhou) Co, Ltd
Photo Credits Wen Studio, Wu Qingshan
Other Credits Arup (Facade Consultant)
Completion Date December 2021
Project Location Hangzhou, China
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Entry Description

BY ART MATTERS is a contemporary art museum in that uses daylight as a key feature for providing visual comfort, well-being and energy savings. The ground floor main gallery space features a skylight system that filters daylight through a “sail’ shading system on the roof.

The sails above the skylights open towards the north block out direct sunlight during the day and allows diffused daylight to enter the gallery, creating soft a glow on ceiling scrim while maintaining a view to the sky. Skylights in central gallery zones that receive little daylight are integrated with LED to supplement ambient lighting, with colour temperature fine-tuned to resemble that of daylight entering the space. In addition, linear lights integrated to the beams above ceiling scrims enhance ambient light and reduce visual differences between real skylights and LED skylights. Track lighting were used throughout the gallery, ensuring flexibility for accentuating art displays.

After dark, ceiling uplights create a warm and welcoming ambience, with the spill light through the skylight producing a glowing effect on the sails on the roof, creates a striking architectural feature.

By considering both daylight and electric lighting, the design showcases an integrated approach to deliver a world-class gallery that provides visitors with a unique and memorable experience.
Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability approach is to consider daylight first. We worked closely with the architect at early design stages to develop the skylight system, including analysing local weather conditions and daylight availability, refining the skylight geometry and selecting the material of the ‘sail’ sun-shading over the skylight. The daylighting and electric lighting system work as a fully integrated lighting system to optimize the lighting ambience with both daylight and electrical lighting without comprising the lighting requirements in the space. We carried out rigorous lighting calculations and mock-up studies to ensure that we achieved the final solution.

A lighting control system was also used to manage energy use. All electric lighting are using LED sources and dimmable to ensure flexibility for illuminating the art displays as well as for energy saving where possible.