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Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Kris Lin International Design
Lead Designers Kris Lin
Other Designer's names Anda Yang
Client Poly Developments and Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits KLID
Completion Date 2022.10
Project Location Chengdu,China
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Entry Description

I. Project overview and positioning
This project serves as a crucial spatial node for the convergence of multiple public transportation flows. It also becomes a cultural space that radiates services to the surrounding communities.
A. Dancing Light - Light dances along with the ribbons.
Inspired by the historical and cultural significance of Chengdu's "Shu embroidery," the design incorporates the concept of dancing ribbons, serving not only as a connection between different levels but also symbolizing the rhythmic pulse and vitality of the city. The ribbons, formed by GRC panels and LED light strips, originate from the ground level and envelop the interior of the building, creating a sense of volume and fluidity within. They guide visitors to explore the internal space while ingeniously deviating from the conventional static display format of box-like spaces.
B. Falling Raindrops - The lights cascade along with the falling raindrops
The blank space in the exhibition area functions as the traffic organization of the public area, providing flexible use for shared spaces and art exhibitions.Taking inspiration from "observing the rain," large-scale artistic light fixtures are installed, arranged in a matrix-like formation of suspended sand table lamps, resembling raindrops descending from the ceiling, thereby creating a visual focal point throughout the space.
Sustainability Approach

We use lightweight aluminum, which is used to make metal panels that are light and hard enough to make ribbons.The dancing ribbon not only serves as a link between the upper and lower levels, but also symbolizes the rhythm and vitality of the city.
Company Description

CNAM obtained a master's degree in architectural management from France. In 2001, (KLID) Kris Lin International Design office was founded in Shanghai, dedicated to the field of architectural interior space design. In 2006, he published a collection of his personal works, "KLID vision".
Engaged in professional design for 20 years, has been committed to architectural design, interior design and landscape design of continuous research and innovation. Always adhere to the original, KLID all projects are personally design by Kris Lin. In the international major professional design competition has r