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Hangzhou M2 Art Center

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Guan Xiaohao
Lead Designers Guan Xiaohao
Other Designer's names Guan Xiaoyang, Huang Jiejun
Client Hangzhou Mregina Photography Company
Photo Credits SFAP Shao Feng
Completion Date November 20, 2022
Project Location Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Entry Description

In terms of the project, it is located in a multifunctional art space that starts with a wedding dress display in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. With owner’s intention, the project is originally set as the space to trigger a deep dialogue with women and a reflection on marriage choices. The lighting is intelligently controlled with a variety of color temperature and color changes, thus shaping the spirit of the space and attempting to resonate with women in current era.
The top of the space adopts a large area of light film, built-in full-spectrum 2700k-6500k LED lens strip, moreover, the symmetrical strip light distribution will uniformly polish the soft film ceiling. When the brightness is as low as 1 ~ 2cd /?, there is no sense of grains in shooting, which ensures the daily lighting, customer shooting and space scene changes in a variety of needs.
In the top of the independent oval light film, the built-in full-spectrum 2700k-6500k lens strip is combined with DMX512 RGB illumination lens strip to ensure the interpretation requirements of the space.
Behind the giant arch at the end of the space, two 2700k and 6500k 500W LED luminaires are installed to light upward, shaping the sense of immensity of arch and forming a backlight to shape the curve of the space. In this regard, it not only meets the lighting, but also reflects the grayness of the space.
Sustainability Approach

After several tests and experiments, the stage moving head light is selected among the various laser light, stage dye light, stage moving head light, cast light brightening light to express the eight-meter crystal chandelier in the middle of the giant arch.
The intelligent lighting system of this project is based on RTI central control host as the core. Moreover, it adopts a visual editing interface to conveniently call the lighting system. Ouhua DALI dual-color temperature dimming technology is adopted to achieve infinitely adjustable light brightness while the color temperature of the light can be adjusted according to needs, which achieves the visual effect of lighting design. Additionally, the system also adopts DMX512 dynamic digital light control technology which can realize the precise control of the color and dynamics of the light.