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The Canal Grand Theatre of Yangzhou China

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Tongji Architectural Design Group Co . , Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Xiu
Other Designer's names Wang Wensheng, Zhou Jun, Ma Yue, Bian Chen, Ge Wenjing, Cai Rong, Li Heng
Photo Credits SFAP
Completion Date 03/2021
Project Location Yangzhou, China
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Entry Description

The Canal Grand Theatre of Yangzhou China is a cultural complex that integrates performance, exhibition, business and gardening. Lighting design creates a simple and modern environment by using light to strengthen the curved lines of the interior space and shape the interior space. The stretch ceiling and parametrically tailored LED circular luminaires provide the functional lighting for the space, creating the impression of the river under the sparkling star.

The 1600-seat opera hall offers a beautiful image of the moon. The LED spotlights are used to create a starry night while meeting the functional lighting requirements. In the frosted acrylic circular ceiling above the auditorium, colour changeable LED strips are used to create a 'full moon' of varying brightness and colour temperature. The interior design of 800-seat theatre hall is based on the theme of bamboo. The wall is illuminated by linear wallwash luminaries in the recesses at the interface between the ceiling and the wall in the middle and rear sections of the wall, creating a visual balance between the wall, ceiling and floor.

The opera theatre is inspired by Chinese gardens. The lighting design incorporates a ceiling lattice shape with LED linear luminaries to provide a uniform lighting environment. Track lights and swing spotlights provide accent lighting for the table surface.