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Little Island

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting Design
Company Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Lead Designers Enrique Garcia-Carrera
Other Designer's names Paul Marantz / Miyoung Song-Carroll
Client Little Island
Photo Credits Michael Grimm Photography | Ben Helmer courtesy OHNY |Fisher Marantz Stone
Other Credits Fisher Marantz Stone
Completion Date May 21, 2021
Project Location New York, New York
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Entry Description

An island park rises from a vision to replace a decaying pier and re-imagine it as an immersive experience with nature and art.
Lighting manifests an intimate yet safe environment, as subtle tension between light and shadow provides a dynamic backdrop for exploration.
Visitors can traverse luminous paths, catch a show in the Amphitheaters, or marvel at unparalleled vistas, unobstructed thanks to carefully considered, mostly concealed lighting positions.
In revealing the unique architecture and landscaping, the lighting approach affirms the importance of not relying solely on existing equipment but fashioning new illumination and control tools to attain fresh visual experiences.
Sustainability Approach

Low level concealed lights allow safe passage for visitors, while allowing unobstructed views of the island features and city and river vistas. The imposing supporting structure is not illuminated at night in deference to the Hudson River marine habitat. In addition, light surveys and calculations were performed to ensure light levels would not penetrate and be disruptive to marine life down to several feet below the level of the water surface. All fixtures near the park’s edge are shielded and aimed away from the river.
Lighting in the park is warm white and dimmed in consideration to nighttime adaptation and the serene environment.
Our design improved upon ASHRAE 90.1 2010 and 2014 NYECC Energy Code requirements.