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751D • PARK

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting Design
Company TORYO International Lighting Design Center
Lead Designers Dongliang Xu
Other Designer's names Hongjiang An, Zhenhua Shao, Chen Li, Yanmeng Wei
Client Beijing Zhengdong Electronic Power Group Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Photographer: Li Zhou
Completion Date Oct, 2022
Project Location Beijing, China
Entry Description

751D • PARK, built in 1954 and interwoven with massive pieces of equipment, is now an industrial relic with a rich patina that has come with the passage of time. Gas tanks, desulfurization towers, Locomotive Plaza, a bridge, and a skywalk are the protagonists among the many spaces. The sedate, deep rusty red of the towers takes the place of long-faded paint, changing in the sun. The interplay of light and shadow highlights how the once heavily used equipment now sits tranquilly. The warm lighting gives expression to the structures and recalls memories of the plant bustling with productivity.
Sustainability Approach

The overall warm lighting gives expression to the structures and presents well their penetrating beauty. The warmth, ranging from 2200K to 3000K, is meant to recall memories of the plant bustling with productivity. Some equipment is lit with RGBW bulbs so that adjustments may be made for different events. The lights consume little power despite their multiple layers of functionality. The fixtures chosen mimic the look of the equipment on which they are attached so they may blend in well during the day. For instance, the 7000 tank is lit with 2700K spot lighting to express the light parts of the structure, and RGBW bulbs are used on the horizontal parts. The use of lighting with differing rates of power consumption is meant to enrich the effects of white light, whose warmth is of varying degrees (3000K, 4000K, and 5700K) to produce the feeling of looking at starlight.
Company Description

Founded in 2005 and based in Beijing, TORYO International Lighting Design Center (Lighting Design Integrated Qualification Class-A) is a professional design firm specializing in urban lighting planning and architectural lighting design. Led by Chief Designer Xu Dongliang, a passionate explorer of the lighting environment, TORYO has assembled a team of talented lighting designers across the country, accomplished many outstanding lighting projects, and obtained recognition both domestically and globally. There are 60 designers in TORYO Beijing, the headquarter, as well as five branch studios.