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Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination / Landscape Lighting Design
Company Inhabitgroup
Lead Designers Hai Wen Shen
Client New World China Land Limited
Photo Credits New World China Land Limited
Completion Date 31 May 2023
Project Location Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
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Entry Description

New World Guangzhou Zengcheng CBD(also known as THE CANTON PLACE SELECT), located in Guangzhou East CBD's heart, is a versatile economic hub aspiring to form an intelligent international community. It magnetizes top talents and provides a holistic ecosystem. The project, featuring iconic twin towers of 220m height(220m&241m), includes offices, five-star hotels, businesses, residences, and recreational clubs. This project is set to become Guangzhou's new landmark, boosting the economic growth of the Guangzhou East CBD.

Inhabit's role included designing and providing implementation support for façade and landscape lighting. The lighting design, a key player and contributor to the 'Night Economy,' brings life into the project, making it a city highlight. Our lighting design, considering the architectural concept, diverse façade structure, and landscape techniques, utilized the linear relationship between the control system and current flow. This approach enabled over ten dynamic lighting effects using the same low-power fixtures, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and expressive richness. This innovative lighting design, meeting the LEED Gold and China Green Building 2-star standards, adds a visually captivating element to the project.
Sustainability Approach

We're committed to enhancing occupants' productivity and well-being through high-quality lighting, while minimizing energy consumption and increasing sustainability. First, we use low-power, high-efficiency LED mini-spot lights with anti-glare technology for facade lighting, improving nighttime visibility and reducing impact on wildlife. Our approach aligns with the IES/IDA light trespass requirements. We employ efficient controls, such as timers and sensors, to switch off unnecessary lights and use a smart system to manage facade light trespass. We also use full cut-off fixtures for external lighting to reduce sky glow. These measures reflect our commitment to balancing high-quality lighting with energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. we also chose the reusable LED fixtures with replaceable parts reduce need for new materials.
Company Description

Inhabit is a diverse team of professionals dedicated to enhancing the built environment for people and nature. Our collective of architects, designers, engineers, and contractors work independently and collaboratively to provide comprehensive services. By integrating our expertise, we strive to create buildings that are relevant to our evolving society.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have built a strong international presence with offices across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Through partnerships with renowned architects, we have gained extensive experience in vario