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The Pavilion Crown

Prize(s) Winners in LED Exterior Lighting Design
Company Lightsculptures/Cappucciodesignstudio
Lead Designers Francesco Cappuccio, Datuk Tan Peng Han
Other Designer's names KLPDS, Koonanan Panyahom
Client Pavilion Damansara Heights
Photo Credits act studio
Other Credits Structure engineering: Passage projects
Completion Date October 2023
Project Location Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
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Entry Description

The Crown lighting facade is a curved cladding and drop-off area designed for the main entrance of the Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall. The façade not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building, but also serves as a functional sunshade, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the mall environmental impact. Additionally, it allows ample natural light to permeate the interior, offering mall visitors a delightful view of their surroundings.
The cladding pattern takes inspiration from the traditional Italian "Bugnato" style, and showcase crafted hand-blown glass ornaments in a princess-diamond cut. These ornaments are specifically designed to efficiently capture and reflect natural sunlight, creating an elegant and subtle sparkle throughout the day without the need to activate the RGBW LEDs.
The full facades & drop offs utilize over 2500 glasses with the main façade standing at an impressive 25 meters wide and 26 meters tall while the smaller facades & drop offs are simpler in design. All the drop offs lighting are a combination of architectural spotlights and decorative small glass allowing a healthy 400 lux at floor level.
At nighttime, the facade controlled by the DMX system functions as a pixelated display, enabling the creation of captivating light shows for the various celebrations held in Kuala Lumpur.

Sustainability Approach

In an effort to prioritize sustainability, the cladding serves as a functional sunshade, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the mall environmental impact.
Material used: cladding in aluminum, and the diamonds are crafted from recycled glass.
Company Description

Lightsculptures Co., Ltd, is a Bangkok- based award winning Design think tank specialize in lighting designand manufacturing extremely large Murano glass sculptural installation
Francesco Cappuccio is an Award winning Italian product and lighting designer. Francesco relocated to Bangkok in 2005, where he taught industrial design In 2015 he founded "CappuccioDesignStudio" and coo-founded the brand "Lightsculptures"
Following his motto “Form follows function and vice versa and integrating sustainable principles, Francesco emphasizes the interplay of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability