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The China Merchants Croup Prince Plaza

Prize(s) Winners in Public Building Lighting Design
Lead Designers Zhao tie fu
Other Designer's names Yangrong Fengxuelei Weicencen Ganshiyang Zhaojian
Client China Merchants Group
Entry Description

The China Merchants Croup Prince Plaza project is located in the Shekou Sea World area of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with a building area of 150000 square meters and a building height of 204 meters. It is one of the key projects in the "Sea World Center" area of the newly renovated Shekou with a total investment of 60 billion yuan, integrating office buildings, commerce, shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment. The China Merchants Croup Prince Plaza adheres to the construction concept of green and environmental protection in China Merchants Shekou, emphasizing the pursuit and attention to health and creative culture, forming a characteristic business district and becoming the first "art energy center" in Chinese office buildings.
The overall lighting design of the project is simple and lively, aiming to strengthen the grooves between the energy towers. The aerial platform adopts warm yellow lighting, which forms a strong contrast with the building and looks particularly dazzling in the dark. The tower under the night is like a layer of gilt, making the Prince Plaza a unique energy light body under the shining world lights at sea.
Company Description

TOP-DESIGNER INT'L. LIGHTING (SHENZHEN)CO;LTD. is a professional lighting design company specializing in urban lighting planning, landscape and architectural lighting, and high-end indoor space lighting. With the design qualification of "Special Class A for Lighting Engineering Design" issued by the state, the company and its team have won the "Excellent Lighting Design Award", "Design Elite Award", "Excellent Designer Award" and "Top Ten Outstanding Lighting Design Company Award" for many times. "And other awards.