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Times I-City Art Center

Prize(s) Winners in Public Building Lighting Design
Company Guangzhou Drean Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Xinxing Wu, Xianping Zeng, Sam Chen, Jason Yu
Completion Date December, 2021
Project Location Foshan, China
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Entry Description

Light, whether in the daytime or at night, needs to be planned and designed accordingly to express spatial needs, cater to people's behavior patterns, and satisfy people's emotions in the space.
The lighting designers effectively controlled the brightness planning of light and shadow in this domain. In this space, the visual presentation of the architecture is more concerned by people. In lighting design, while highlighting the overall facade, we also pay attention to presenting the details of the building's red bricks. Before the final color code of the red bricks was determined, the lighting design went through numerous experiments and adjustments. During the lighting experimentation period, the light strips went through multiple tests of color temperature, beam angle, and color rendering index before achieving the final result.
As for the landscape lighting, custom-designed light poles were created to blend in with the environment and integrate with the multifunctional lighting fixtures, allowing for more flexible use of light.
The curtain wall is the most prominent feature of the building and also the technical focus of the project, the mesh double-layer curtain wall system. It presents a unique hollow masonry effect through the combination of traditional "terra cotta" and modern curtain wall structural design.
Sustainability Approach

In terms of sustainable solutions and environmental compatibility, we consider two main parts:
1. Sustainability of the building. All building lights are designed to be located in a position that is hidden in the curtain wall. Each node is closely integrated with the curtain wall, and each node is easily maintainable and removable for secondary modification and upgrading.
2. Landscape lighting. Some lights in the landscape cannot be hidden during the design phase, so we design the lights themselves as elements that blend in with the landscape, with the night light in a suitable landscape position, and the lights themselves and the landscape complementing each other.
We also adopted advanced lighting equipment and smart control system design, which allows for scene-setting control of the lighting based on different periods to meet multiple demands while achieving energy-saving goals.
Company Description

DREAN is a national high-tech lighting creative design enterprise and a Grade B specialized lighting engineering design company, specializing in providing value-added services for visual and lighting environment creativity, integrating multiple professional disciplines such as "lighting technology + stage art performance + full-chain design," which includes but not limited to tourism night tour planning, commercial real estate lighting design, indoor lighting design, technology lighting creativity, lighting engineering design consultation, and stage art performance.