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Yada Theatre

Prize(s) Winners in Public Building Lighting Design
Company Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co . , Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Xiu
Other Designer's names Chen Xingru, Xu Xiaqing, Du Yiting, Cai Wenjing, Lue Jiani, Cai Rong
Photo Credits AOGVISION
Completion Date 04/2022
Project Location Yixing, China
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Entry Description

Yada Theatre is by Yangxian Lake in Yixing, which is a cultural landmark and a performance space for a town. The open circle space surrounds the central courtyard, creating a close interaction between architecture and nature.

The lighting design adopts the principle of integrated architectural, interior and landscape lighting to strengthen the continuity of the enclosed form space. The DMX512 control protocol is used to achieve multi-scene response requirements.
The greatest challenge was to illuminate and avoid light spots on the cyan ceramic panels. Mockup was introduced during the design to verify a better lighting solution. The design was combined with the landscape design, combining the positions of the plants with the luminaire to achieve a concealed installation. 4000K colour temperature floodlights fixed on top of the plant trunks to achieve the effect of gradual wallwash of the ceramic panels.

The interior design of the theatre is inspired by bamboo. Lighting design emphasises materials and textures while ensuring functional lighting. 3000K luminaires keep with the warm and soft visual feeling of bamboo. In the lobby, the use of 3W custom-made downlights creates a visual effect of starlight. 3W highly reflective luminaires are uniformly arranged along the ceiling texture, weakening the size of the metal panel while deliberately creating a starburst effect.