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Prize(s) Winners in Religious & Spiritual Site Lighting Design
Company Christine Sicangco Lighting Design, Inc.
Lead Designers Christine Sicangco & Jo Vincent T. Gonzaga
Other Designer's names Rchitects, Inc. - Arch Bong Recio; Arch Jonathan Yap
Client PA
Photo Credits Ed Simon
Completion Date June 2022
Project Location Taguig, Metro Manila - Philippines
Entry Description

The RAY OF LIGHT PROJECT is a family-owned Columbarium that houses approximately 400 vaults of funerary urns. It is not just a resting place but a memorial where families come together to honor their loved ones for generations.
The lighting for this Columbarium reflected the family's core values and legacy. Values of integrity, stability, and restraint, among others. Soft, solemn, quiet, and elegant lighting subtly conveys this message.
The fa├žade of the Columbarium is evenly washed using asymmetrical wall washers that softly graze the entire structure's travertine cladding, giving it a warm and soft glow.
The statue at the entrance becomes a central focal point drawing people into the Columbarium.
In the soft interior, warm white 3000K light was carefully chosen to invoke the inviting, intimate, solemn ambiance.
Upon entry at the left side is a wall of flickering votive candles in red that invoke a unique spirituality and sense of place to the space. A row of oculus openings at the center brings in daylight during the day and, at night, is softly illuminated with carefully detailed linear Striplights so that one sees only the light but not the light source.
Using a simple control system, the lighting can create a variety of scenes ranging from a very bright and welcoming setting to a muted, solemn, and quiet atmosphere conducive to reflection and prayer.
Sustainability Approach

The lights that were primarily used in this project is a "circular product" which means the lighting used comes with a 20 year repair and reuse guarantee.
Company Description

Christine Sicangco Lighting Design, Inc - is an award winning independent Architectural Lighting Design Firm in the Philippines.

We are currently a group of 15-20 professionals with varied backgrounds ranging from Lighting Design, Environmental Design, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design.

CSLDI's projects encompasses Mixed Use Land Developments, Hospitality, Casino & Entertainment City, Retail & Malls, Churches and Chapels, City Masterplans & Corporate Offices