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Eternal Light / Jewish Taiwan Community Center

Prize(s) Winners in Religious & Spiritual Site Lighting Design
Company Atelier Lumenplus Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Huai Chun Liu, I-Chun Hung
Client The Jeffrey D. Schwartz & Na Tang Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association (JTCA)
Photo Credits Studio Millspace
Other Credits Huai Chun Liu
Completion Date 12/29/2021
Project Location Taipei City / Taiwan (ROC)
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Entry Description

Eternal Light
Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association is the first synagogue in Taiwan. The concept of lighting design is originated from Jewish holiday song, Banu choshech legaresh (Song of Hanukkah).
The scope of lighting design covers architecture and interior, and the core concept is extended from the song, defined as eternal light. We transformed the façade shape into the emblematic candle flame, like a guide in the dark. The subconcept is the tears of the Wailing Wall. This is a renovation case, and the ornamental windows of cement are retained. They coincide with the impression of the Wailing Wall. Custom-made crystal lamps are embedded randomly onto the shaped windows, like tears in eyes, symbolizing the strong Jewish people scattered everywhere.
The spirit of eternal light runs through the entire interior parts. The promenade presents a retro light feeling by indirect light strips, water-like finish glazed lamps and the stained glass light box of Holy Grail in the end view. Lights in the mikveh suggest the path of natural water flowing to the pond. On 2F, uniform and low-contrast lighting is emerged in the high-ceilinged auditorium to mimic the flooding skylight, showing the pure of faith. The gold foil ceiling, a metaphor for sunlight, is the axis of the 4F sanctuary. The skylight falling to the seats is created artificially, connecting nature with the light of reverence.
Sustainability Approach

Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association is a renovation case of old building. We use LED comprehensively and minimize the amount of lamps. The overall total energy distribution is about 9.4W/?. Light sources of downlights are replaceable, and the housing can be recycled.
For the façade, the same lamps and lighting details are used to respond to the different textures of the illuminated surfaces, forming changes in light color naturally. Custom-made lamps of small wattages are added to the original feature windows to express the historical and emotional aspects of Judaism. Indoors we use different light-transmitting materials to convey the retro feeling. Under the constraints of old building, concise lighting forms with minutiae show the pure of faith, and present the culture and spirit of religion.
Along with this project, the Jewish spirit plays a role of sustainability humbly in this city.
Company Description

Atelier Lumenplus is a Taiwan-based lighting design consultancy founded in 2019.

Human perception matters to our design. By collaborating closely with clients, architects and interior designers, space aesthetics and lighting effects are tailored to individual needs. We highlight the characteristics and shape the atmosphere of every project, while attentively balancing spiritual feelings and functionality.

Just like jade with its warm luster, we present you an unique and appropriate appearance of light and shadow in the most elegant posture in each case.